There are several maps available online for download or to view.


District Maps - online mapping tool

The interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping tool displays aerial photographs, planning information, service utilities, hazard features and contours.  You can use 'Address Search' to find a particular property or 'Place Search' to go to a particular area. The tool can also be used on smartphones.

An older 'Silverlight' version of the viewer is available here.

Please note the site 'Terms and Conditions of Use':

For 'Street Maps' please use one of the following Map Services:

District Plan Maps

District Plan maps are divided into categories for Districtwide and Urban Zones and Features, Rural Subdivision, Natural Hazards, and Aerodrome and Road Hierarchy.

Earthquake Maps

Earthquake Maps for the District including District Fault Zone maps can be viewed here.

Parking and Speed Restriction Maps

Parking restrictions were consulted on and submissions heard by Community Boards and reflect the Parking Bylaws.  View the maps here.

Rubbish Collection Days

You can use the Point Identify tool in our Geographic Information System (GIS) web mapping to identify the collection day for your property.

Please note: If no information is displayed in the Rubbish Collection field the property is outside the kerbside collection area.

View information about kerbside services in Kāpiti here.

Tsunami Evacuation Zone Maps

Tsunami Evacuation Zone Maps have been developed by Greater Wellington Regional Council, Kāpiti Coast District Council and Civil Defence, which identify the areas residents need to evacuate from in the event of a tsunami.  View tsunami evacuation maps here.

Walking and Cycling

A copy of the Kāpiti Coast Walking and Cycling Guide is available for download or print from the link below:

Kāpiti Coast Walking and Cycling Guide (PDF, 8 pages, 1Mb)

Water Supply Project Maps

View the maps of the shortlisted options for the Water Supply Project here. 

Dog Access and Walking Zones Maps

These maps identify summer and winter dog access zones, specifically on- and off-leash areas and non dog areas.

Summer Exercise Areas for dogs (PDF, 1 page, 305Kb)

Greywater Suitability Maps

Greywater suitability maps, indicating minor, moderate and major limitations.


Kāpiti Coast District Council Contact Details

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