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Greener Neighbourhoods

Greener Neighbourhoods is a community-led, council-supported initiative. At its heart it’s about you and your neighbours coming together to increase resilience, build community, reduce environmental impact and save money.


Greener Neighbourhoods is part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to increasing sustainability and resilience in the district. Groups of five or more households within a neighbourhood commit to the ten month project, taking part in a number of activities including ecological footprinting, No8 Wire Week workshops, a civil defence challenge, a waste audit, Green Gardener workshops, water conservation and eco-home advice. There is also plenty of scope for groups to pursue their own interests and projects, read more.

This year, four groups set out to reduce their eco-footprint while also building community, forming relationships, sharing experiences, having fun and saving money. Read more


Gabriel Street, Goldsborough Ave and Nugget Grove, Raumati Beach

Plastic free lunchboxes, beach cleanups and community `waste angels’ Read more.


Renown, Glen and Dale Roads, Raumati South

Rat eradication, garden bees and beehives. Read more.


Whanaungatanga, mahi māra… and dessert. Read more.



Rutherford Drive, Waikanae Beach

Workshopping, carpooling, seaweed fertiliser and limoncello. Read more.



What impact is your lifestyle having on planet Earth’s resources?

So often success is measured by money and flash things; Greener Neighbourhood participants are challenged to consider a different approach to health, wealth and happiness. Read more



How many of you have a box of emergency supplies stowed away somewhere, possibly now well out of date? Would it make better sense to just try and keep some extra stock of canned and dried foods in the kitchen cupboards? When speaking to Greener Neighbourhood groups Scott Dray of WREMO had some new takes on old Civil Defence ideas. Read more

Seed Packets – Make Your Own Gifts!

Looking for a cheap and wholesome present idea for Christmas?  Why not give seeds?  What a great gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends – and the cost – just a few packets of seeds, some little bags or foil wrap and some time! Read more.


Celebrating Those Companies Making Better Environmental Choices

I was pleased as punch to see many of our supermarkets and large warehouse chains installing a ‘soft’ plastic recycling regime Read more.

Electronic Graveyard

One by one our electronics graveyard has been mounting up. It’s not like we’ve been upgrading computers every year, but the pile of gadgets and cables that are dead or surplus to requirements keeps growing.Read more.


Plan Bee

There has been a hive of activity going on in the mean streets of Rau Sou.  A  bunch of busy bees have been getting busy in the name of buzzy bees and working bees and I’m gonna get wax lyrical about it. Read more

Our food footprint

Thirty three percent of the average New Zealander’s eco-footprint comes from the food we eat.  Michael Pollan’s In Defence of Food encourages people to spend more money and time on food and to buy locally.  And by food, he means the stuff your grandmother (or great-grandmother) would recognise, as opposed to “foodlike substances” which have been highly processed.  Read more.

Kombucha vs Wormwee

Perched on the corner of Renown Road and Tiromoana Road, there is an exquisitely painted palace, piled with plenty of produce...just for you!  And me!  And that guy over there!  And her too!  That's right, the Greenown+ Hākari is a stall for giving and taking. Now up and running it has already seen a flurry of activity. Read more.

Sowing Seeds - Sounds Easy...

How many of us have tried to sow seeds and it’s been a bit hit and miss? I know I gave up a few years ago except for peas and beans, and bought seedlings. Must say those Awapuni bundles at our Pak ‘n Save are pretty darn good if you’re having to buy them – and so many more in a bundle than a punnet – AND they don’t use plastic!

But no more!  It’s really a lot easier than I thought and the time to sow is now! Read more.


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