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Shipshow: An evening of performances on the beach hosted by a crew of eco-pirates

When: - 04 Feb 2017 18:00 p.m. - 05 Feb 2017 06:00 a.m.

Where: Paekākāriki Beach outside Surf Club


Saturday 4th February - ONE NIGHT ONLY! Paekākāriki Beach outside Surf Club, entry by Koha

“Hope has never trickled down, it has always sprung up.” Naomi Klein, Author & Filmmaker.


This summer a team of Kāpiti Coast creatives are launching an interactive multimedia project aimed at positive action around climate change and the overuse of plastic in our society. Leading the team is award-winning playwright Rachel Callinan, with theatre stalwart Julia Truscott, artist Kaia Hawkins and renowned producer Zelda Edwards to launch an interactive multimedia project aimed at starting a conversation and positive action around climate change and the overuse of plastic in our society.


Supported by a Waste Reduction Grant from Kāpiti Coast District Council, ‘Shipshow’ is a multi-faceted venture starting with several fun beach clean-ups where people are encouraged to come dressed as a pirate and will be asked to search for plastic ‘treasure’ which will be used to repair and decorate a mysterious boat which has appeared on Paekākāriki beach. The treasure will then be crafted by youth participating in a holiday programme to get the ship ready for a public launch on February 4th.


The night the ‘boat’ sets sail will be one of the most anticipated events of the summer with performances from local musicians, a kapa haka roopu, samba dancers, actors, poets and hosted by the magical crew of eco-pirates who will be sailing the ship through the night.  Local performers of all ages have already begun rehearsing for the event which will be a positive coming together of creative energies on the coast. As inspiration for the show they are exploring ideas for better ways we can live together on our planet.


“A large part of our kaupapa is involving the audience in the journey and creating a feeling of freedom and excitement about the future. We want people to go away feeling energised about how they can help each other and the planet by following their passions,” says Julia Truscott the artistic director of the project. “The response so far has been incredible, there seems to be a real desire to find less consumer-based ways of living which ultimately make people and the world happier.”


The team are putting the call out for any interested groups or individuals who are keen to perform at the ‘mini-eco-festival’. The performances could be anything from a demonstration, a speech or a song inspired by the artists’ own response to our current world situation.


For more information and expressions of interest please contact Julia Truscott thepineappleproject@gmail.com or visit the Shipshow facebook page



‘Dress up as a Pirate’ Beach Clean-ups:

Otaki – January 8th, Meet outside surf club 10am

Paraparaumu – January 8th Meet outside Paraparaumu Boating Club 2pm

Paekākāriki – January 22nd Meet outside Paekākāriki Surf Club