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This section details the planning undertaken by the Council to improve the lifestyle and resources within the District. You will also find information for you next building project and when to get resource consent. 

FutureKāpiti Annual plan 2016/17

The council has a wide range of responsibilities and we provide a variety of services to the Kāpiti community. To direct our activities and ensure we manage our budget and ratepayers’ money responsibly, we work to clear priorities and detailed plans.

FutureKāpiti Long term plan 2015-35

Our vision for Kāpiti is: a vibrant culture, diverse community and thriving economy. This vision was shaped through extensive community consultation during 2015. The outcome was our 20-year plan, the FutureKapiti Long term plan 2015-35

Annual plan 2017/18

The 2017/18 annual plan is currently open for public consultation. Each year we consider what’s set out in the long term plan for the coming year, and review it in light of any changes or developments that require us to adapt our planning.

Building Control

Council's Building team can help you with a range of building needs and requirements including: building consent applications and amendments project information memoranda (PIMs) building and plumbing inspections code compliance certificate applications...

Community Outcomes

The vision for the Kāpiti Coast's future is an exciting one and each community on the Coast has its own view of the flavour and colour of that future. The Kāpiti Coast community’s vision for the future is described as Community Outcomes.  The community...


We welcome and value input from the people of the Kāpiti Coast District so we can adequately reflect their views in our decision making. Find out more about the recent topics council has and may still be consulting on:

Development Impact Fees

This page outlines details of Development Contributions and Financial Contributions (collectively known as Development Impact Fees) for the current financial year (1 July to 30 June).  The fees apply to all subdivisions and new residential dwellings, a...

District Plan

The District Plan is the guiding document for sustainable management of the district's natural and physical resources. Every city and district council is required to have a District Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991 . It must include...

Resource Consents

The District Plan contains rules about different types of activities in different parts of the district. Anything not permitted by the Plan requires a resource consent, which will be for either a land use consent or a subdivision consent.

District Plan Review

In 2008, Council began reviewing its District Plan, as required for every plan provision every 10 years under the Resource Management Act.  On 29 November 2012, the Proposed District Plan (PDP) was publicly notified. In response to public concern about...

Previous Long term plans

Take a look at our current long term plan . If you wish to view our previous long term plans see below. 2013 Amendment to the 2012 Long Term Plan  2012 Long Term Plan - part 1    2012 Long Term Plan - part 2   2012 Long Term Plan - part 3   Before the...

Previous Annual Plans

The purpose of the Annual Plan is detailed in the Local Government Act 2002.  In summary, the Annual Plan contains information on: budget and funding impacts of Council's activities variations from the Long Term Plan a statement of service provision...

Submissions we have made

  Take a look at our submissions on issues, activities and topics that may affect Kāpiti residents. On 31 July 2015 the Wellington Regional Council formally notified its Proposed Natural Resources Plan.  The proposed Natural Resources Plan is a combine...


The Kāpiti Coast District Council has adopted sustainable development as a basic building block of the Long Term Plan . Sustainable development is about the way things are done, as well as a vision for the future.  It is a way of ensuring the continued...