What are we consulting on?

The Kāpiti Coast District Council welcomes and values input from the people of the Kāpiti Coast District so it can adequately reflect their views in its decision making.

Draft long term plan 2015-35

We are currently seeking your views for FutureKāpiti - the services and activities we deliver, the major work underway and the projects planned for...

Draft Local Approved Products Policy

Central government laws control the sale of psychoactive products or legal highs in Kāpiti District.

Notified Resource Consents

All publicly notified resource consents are listed on this page. There are also links to a copy of the public notice and submission forms.

Greater Wellington - Have your say

Greater Wellington seeks public input on a number of issues and documents throughout the year. This page takes you to their website.

Kāpiti Coast District Council Contact Details

Kāpiti Coast District Council
175 Rimu Road
Private Bag 60601
Paraparaumu 5254

Phone: (04) 296 4700
Toll free: 0800 486 486
Fax: (04) 296 4830 
Email: kapiti.council@kapiticoast.govt.nz

View more contact details here including our business hours and Service Centres.