Water Supply Project

Media release: Kāpiti Water Supply Project wins national award

The Water Supply Project was set up in 2009 to find additional water supply for the district’s future needs.

In September 2013 the river recharge scheme was approved by independent commissioners.  The scheme allows Council to increase the amount of water it takes from Waikanae River by 'recharging' it with groundwater downstream of the water treatment plant. This will only happen during very dry summers.

Fresh river water is taken from the river above the water treatment plant, treated and piped through the reticulation system. If the river level is too low to take as much as we need, Council can replace the amount taken for our water supply to maintain the natural flow.

Once fully operational there should be no need to supplement drinking water with groundwater in times of drought.

Stage 1 construction and an associated upgrade of the water treatment plant will start in 2014 and is expected to be operational in 2015.

To see how the river recharge scheme will work, go here.  

Recent News and Press Releases

7 April 2014 Kāpiti Water Supply Project wins national award
12 December 2013 $2 million saving by Council
28 November 2013 Crucial decision on Kāpit water supply

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Meetings and Agendas

27 September 2012 Council Meeting: River Recharge with Groundwater Resource Consent application (IS-12-672)
28 June 2012 Council Meeting: Water Supply Project Professional Services (IS-12-543)
15 December 2011 Council Meeting: Water Supply Project Update

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