Property Information

You can access information about Kāpiti Coast District properties in several different ways.

The Rates Search allows you to view property and rating information for properties in the District, and search for Valuation Reference Numbers. The information displayed is taken from the Council's Rating Information Database and Rates Record.

Online Mapping Tool

The interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping tool displays aerial photographs, planning information, service utilities, hazard features and contours.  You can use 'Address Search' to find a particular property or 'Place Search' to go to a particular area. The tool can also be used on smartphones.

An older 'Silverlight' version of the viewer is available here.

Please note the site 'Terms and Conditions of Use':

LIM Reports

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) will help property buyers and sellers, real estate agents, valuers and lawyers, lenders and insurers.

  • LIM Information Sheet (PDF, 1 page, 40Kb)
    To obtain a LIM Report from the Council you must apply for it in writing, and the Council must process your application within 10 working days.
  • Application for Land Information Memorandum (PDF, 2 pages, 212Kb)
    You can request a LIM report by downloading and returning this form, which contains details about payment options. 

Request for Building file information

A building file search is not a LIM (Land Information Memorandum).  The information obtained via a building file search may include informal discussion and carries no legal weight.  Reliance on the information is at the customer's own judgement.

Request to view a building file - Form 122 (2 pages, 238Kb)

Earthquake information for residential property owners

Kāpiti Coast District Council has been working with Wellington City Council to extend its Quakecheck Home Assessment Service to residential property owners on the Kāpiti Coast.  The service will enable you to assess how safe your home would be in the event of a significant earthquake and advise any actions necessary to make it safe.  To learn more about the service visit our Quakecheck your house page here.

Earthquake damage

The results of an earthquake can sometimes mean damage to our homes and/or property.  If you have suffered damage to your home, please contact your insurance company in the first instance.

Withhold Personal Details

If you require your name and postal address to be withheld from the Complete Rating Information Database viewable at offices of the Kāpiti Coast District Council and Greater Wellington Council, you must complete the Complete Rating Information Database form or email Kāpiti Coast District Council at

You will need to provide details of all properties for which you would like your details withheld.  Please note; where there is more than one owner for a property, all owner details for that property will be withheld even if only one of the owners has requested the withholding of information.  Also that property owner details will still remain publicly available as part of a property’s Certificate of Title information available at Land Information New Zealand.

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