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Council, Committee and Community Board Meetings

Information on where and when Council meetings are held, access to agendas, minutes and reports and how you can participate in meetings.

Current Term of Office: 2016-2019

The current term of office for Council runs from October 2016 through to October 2019. Agendas are available at least two working days prior to the meetings.  You can view available agendas and meeting minutes for Council and its Standing Committees by...

Decisions released from Public Excluded Session

Previous Term of Office 2013-16 | Previous Term of Office 2010-2013 Current Term of Office : 2016-2019 This information lists the most recent decisions first.  That the resolution be released from public excluded business:   COUNCIL MEETING : 28...

Standing Orders

Standing Orders are a set of rules that provide a formal framework for the conduct of local authority meetings.  They also outline the Council's agreed principles of behaivour within meetings. All councils are required by the Local Government Act 2002 ...

Deputations and Petitions

Deputations may be received, provided an application for admission, setting out the subject, has been lodged with the Chief Executive at least ten clear days before the date of the meeting concerned, and has been subsequently approved by the Chairperson.

Public Participation at Meetings

New arrangements for Public Speaking Time | Public Forum (new) | Public Speaking Time on Council and Committee meeting agendas | Health and Safety | At the Meeting | Speaking 2017 arrangements for Public Speaking Time From January 2017 there will be a...

Live streaming

We have an online streaming option that gives you the chance to see what's going on in council chambers live as it happens. If we are currently streaming you will see the video here.