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Waikanae Community Board meetings

Community Board meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at the Waikanae Community Centre, 30 Utauta Street, Waikanae, and start at 7.00 pm.

Membership 2016-2019

  • Jocelyn Prvanov - Chair
  • James Westbury - Deputy Chair
  • Tonchi Begovich
  • Jeremy Seamark
  • Cr Michael Scott

The Waikanae Community Board administers a Discretionary Grants Fund and ProSP-17-149 Consideration of Application for Funding.pdfmotion Fund.

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas, which include officer reports, and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2017 Meeting Dates Agenda Minutes

Supporting PDFs

31 January View View View
14 March - 7.00 pm - Waikanae Boating Club View View View
2 May View View View
13 June View View View
31 July View View View
5 September - St Andrew's Hall, Akatarawa Road, Reikorangi View View View
17 October - 7.00 pm View View View
28 November - 7.00 pm - Waikanae Boating Club, 97 Tutere Street, Waikanae Beach View View View

Supporting PDFs - 31 January 2017

Corp-17-096-Consideration of Application for Funding.pdf

IS-17-099 Parking Restrictions on Pehi Kupa Street.pdf

SP-17-097-Single carpark parking restriction for electric vehicle charging point, Tutere St.pdf


WCB Draft Minutes - 8 November 2016.pdf

WCB Matters Under Action.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 14 March 2017

SP-17-149 Consideration of Application for Funding.pdf

SP-17-139-Our Future Waikanae Beach.pdf

Corp-17-140-Community Board Training Options 2016-17 - Attendance at Community Boards' Conference 2017.pdf

WCB Draft Minutes - 31 January 2017.pdf

Matters Under Action March 2017.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 2 May 2017

SP-17-184 Consideration of Application for Funding.pdf

WCB Draft Minutes - 14 March 2017.pdf

Matters Under Action May 2017.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 13 June 2017

SP-17-216 Consideration of Application for Funding.pdf

CS-17-211-Pharazyn Reserve Management Plan and appendix.pdf

IS-17-222 Relocation of Bus Stop on Te Moana Road Waikanae and appendix.pdf

Draft WCB Minutes 2 May 2017 - updated.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 31 July 2017

SP-17-248 Consideration of Application for Funding Updated.pdf

Corp-17-237-Road Naming - Ngarara Development Waikanae Final.pdf

IS-17-218-Waikanae Town Centre Car Parking Final.pdf

IS-17-251-New bus stops for Waikanae as part of better bus service for Kapiti Final.pdf

IS-17-258-Welcome to Waikanae Sign Positioning Final.pdf

Draft WCB Minutes - 13 June 2017.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 5 September 2017

SP-17-301 Consideration of Applications for Funding.pdf

Corp-17-289-Road Naming - Millvale Development, Waikanae and appendix.pdf

 IS-17-303-New bus stop on Te Moana Road Waikanae as part of better bus service 280 for Kapiti and appendix.pdf

SP-17-290 SH1 Renaming and appendix.pdf

Draft Minutes - 31 July 2017.pdf

Matters Under Action September.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 17 October 2017

SP-17-337 Consideration of Application for Funding.pdf

Corp-17-330-Road Naming - Waikanae North Subdivision - Waipunahau Road and appendix.pdf

Draft WCB Minutes - 5 September 2017.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf