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Maclean Park plan refresh

We're currently seeking input from our community on the Maclean Park plan refresh.

Opportunities for feedback | Timeline | Community questionnaire | Existing management plan

We need to prepare a plan for Maclean Park's long-term development so it meets the needs of current and future users. We also need to update our existing management plan for the park. We need the community’s help to refresh this.

Kāpiti has grown up with Maclean Park, and we want to sustain and enhance its character and mana for future generations with forward thinking and great ideas to create a contemporary destination park the District can be proud of. 

Opportunities for feedbackA basketball court in use at Maclean Park

There will be a range of opportunities for you to contribute your ideas for Maclean Park and the management plan throughout the project.

To begin with, from now through to the end of February 2017 we are information gathering – seeking your input and written suggestions.

This is an opportunity for you to tell us what you love about the park as it is and what we could change to make it better. This first phase is being supported by an online questionnaire, events at the park (watch this space), interviews and meetings.

Project timeline

Community Input Phase 1 : What's your Maclean Park Story?

Your input and ideas for the park and its development

30 November 2016 - 20 February 2017
Preparation of development concept options March/April 2017

Community Input Phase 2 : Development Options Feedback

Your feedback on the park development options

April/May 2017
Draft Management Plan including preferred development concept prepared and finalised May -June 2017

Community Input Phase 3 : Draft Management Plan Submissions 

Your feedback on the draft management plan including a preferred plan for park development.  

July - Sept 2017
Hearing of submissions October 2017
Council adoption of new Reserve Management Plan including plans for future development End October 2017

Sending us your ideas and suggestions

Please complete our online questionnaire.  Your feedback in this questionnaire helps us understand who uses Maclean Park and what they enjoy and appreciate about it, and gathers ideas for the future of the park as we prepare a draft management plan.

Click here to complete our online questionnaire

Open until 20 February 2017. 

Alternatively you can also write to us:

Viewing the existing Management Plan

Digital copies of the existing management plan for Maclean Park are available, or you can view a printed copy at the Paraparaumu Library or Customer Service Centre.  

Kapiti Observer Collection, Kapiti Coast District Libraries


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