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The local authority elections were held 12 October 2013. Final results are now available.

The local authority elections were held on Saturday 12 October 2013, using the STV electoral system and conducted via postal voting.

Electoral Expenses and Donations

The Return of Electoral Expenses and Electoral Donations is now available for inspection.

Confirmed Results

The final results of the Kāpiti Coast District Local Authority Elections 2013 can be viewed here.

Local Elections 2013 Timetable

The 2013 timetable for the Kāpiti Coast local election can be viewed here


For the 2013 election Kāpiti Coast District voters will elect the Mayor, Councillors, and the Community Board Members.  They will also vote for District Health Board representatives, and for a Regional Councillor.

The councillors will be elected as follows:

  • District as a whole - five Districtwide or 'at large' Councillors
  • Ōtaki Ward - one Ward Councillor   
  • Waikanae Ward - one Ward Councillor
  • Paraparaumu Ward - two Ward Councillors
  • Raumati/Paekākāriki Ward - one Ward Councillor

There are four Community Boards each of which has four elected members.  These boards are:

  • Ōtaki
  • Waikanae
  • Paraparaumu/Raumati
  • Paekākāriki. 

Each Board has the Ward Councillor appointed back to them, except for the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board which has the two Ward Councillors appointed back to it, in recognition of the fact that it represents a greater part of the District.

The current representation structure is the result of a representation review carried out in 2010 when the Local Government Commission (LGC) made its determination. Following are boundary maps for the District:

Community Boards boundaries map 

Community Board boundary adjustment 


Ward boundary adjustment 

Download or print a list of frequently asked election questions from the link below:

Elections 2013 FAQ 

Local Government Online (LGOL)

click to view website in a new windowLGOL has established a website for candidates and voters, providing information on:

  • Voting system (STV)
  • Special votes
  • Who is standing in your area
  • Your voting entitlements based on where you live
  • Election results

Candidates can also use the site to assist in their campaigns by:

  • Posting their profiles (text and/or video)
  • Answer questions posed by electors

For further information visit or email