Environmental Health and Food Premises Fees

Fee structure

The fee structure for food premises in the 2016/17 financial year is weighted towards premises achieving an A Grade.  It reflects the council goal to get all premises on an A Grade for the betterment of the district, to achieve the highest standards and to strive towards a more sustainable food safety future.

The amounts relate to fees effective from 1 July 2016 and uses Risk Factor ‘C’ figures.

A Grade premises: pay $540 for registration.

This grading includes an allowance for one inspection (at no additional cost from last year except for indexing). The indexed fee change essentially rewards an operator for achieving the A Grade rating under the Kapiti Coast District Council Food Safety Bylaw 2006.

B Grade premises: pay $666 for registration.

This includes an allowance for two programmed inspections. Advice will also be targeted to a B Grade operator to assist them to achieve an A Grade rating under the Kapiti Coast District Council Food Safety Bylaw 2006.

D Grade premises: pay $794 for registration.

This includes an allowance for three programmed inspections during the year with ongoing advice and support from the council, as provided with the higher grades.

E Grade Premises: The Food Safety Bylaw 2006 has this category available and the fee is $924.

This fee is based on four programmed inspections.  This type of premises will not be tolerated within the district.  Officers will use all powers under the Kapiti Coast District Council Food Safety Bylaw 2006 to close premises if they fall into this category.  Once closed, a premises will only be authorised to reopen once the required work is complete and a monitoring programme is put in place.

New premises: pay $666 for registration plus an establishment fee.

This fee has been set up to cover the additional costs related to staff time related to the building consent process and set up.

The new premise fee is linked to the B grade as the new operator will:

-    require monitoring to ensure they establish good practices

-    receive health education advice to assist them to achieve an A grade rating.

Inspection rating

Number of inspections



Risk   Factor





































New   owner





Under the Kāpiti Coast District Council Food Safety Bylaw 2006, grading of new premises occurs two months after opening.

Other food activity

Additional inspection fee


Environmental protection officer hourly   rate


Establishment fee


Transfer of ownership for any premises


Rest home premises are not required to be registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, yet are required to comply with the requirements of the Regulations.  To ensure compliance an inspection is required and costs are charged.

All rest homes are required to meet the same standards as the food premises

Rest home

Rest home


Rest home fee transfer


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New fees related to the Food Act 2014

Registration and verification fees provide for set minimum time provision. Any additional time may be subject to the hourly rate

Registration fees

New Food Control Plans (FCP)


New National Programmes (NP)


Renewal for FCP and NP


Verification fees

Food Control Plan (FCP) (5.5 hours)


National Programme 1 (NP1)
  (1.75 hours)


National Programme 2 (NP2)
  (2.25 hours)


National Programme 3 (NP3)
  (3 hours)


Voluntary Implementation Programme (VIP)   and Food Control Programme (FCP)


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Other associated fees under Food Act 2014

Verification follow up or Corrective   Action Request (CAR)

$146   per hour

Complaint resulting in improvement notice

$146   per hour

Justified complaint resulting in requisition

$146   per hour

Application for review of Improvement   Notice

$146   per hour

Monitoring of food safety and suitability

$146   per hour

Amendment to registration

$146   per hour

Cancelled verification/audit (less than 24   hours’ notice)


Failure to attend audit/verification


Unscheduled verification

$146   per hour

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Premises required to be registered under the Health Act 1956 and associated Regulations – current fees

Other Health Act

Hairdressers (home occupation)


Hairdressers (commercial premises)


Funeral directors


Camping grounds


Itinerant trader


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Updated 30 June 2016