Swimming Pools Charges

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Swimming pools charges  

Adult per swim (1)


Child per swim (2)


Under 5 years old swim


Adult swimming with child under 5 years of age




Community services cardholder per swim


Senior citizen

(65 years of age and over)


Aquafit Adult per class


Aquafit Senior per class


Hydroslide (Waikanae and Coastlands Aquatic Centre – unlimited use per visit) (3)


Family pass (family of 4, minimum of 1 adult or maximum of 2 adults). Each extra family   member is $2.50


Family pass plus hydroslide   Each extra family member is $2.50 and extra slide pass is $2.50


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Swimming pools charges  

Group discount adult (10 or more)


Group discount child (10 or more)


Spa and/or sauna (Coastlands Aquatic Centre) in addition to pool entry (4)


Spa (Waikanae Pool) in addition to pool entry (4)


Spa and/or sauna (Ōtaki Pool) in addition to pool entry (4)


10 swim





Community services cardholder


65 years of age and over




20 swim





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Swimming pools charges  

30 swim





50 swim





Swimming pool complex hire - Coastlands Aquatic Centre*

Swimming pool complex hire - Ōtaki*

Swimming pool complex hire - Waikanae*



Competitive events

$400 per hour (peak)

$200 per hour (off peak**)


$100 per hour

$300 per hour



plus per head entry at applicable rate

Lane hire

$7.50 per hour

School lane hire

(Lessons only-not using Kāpiti coast aquatics instructors)


$7.50 per hour

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  Swimming pools charges  

Commercial lane hire

$10 per hour
  plus per head entry at applicable rate

Meeting room hire

(Coastlands Aquatic Centre only)

Community groups

$11 per hour
  $36 half day use
  $65 full day use

Commercial use

$18 per hour

$70 half day use

$125 full day


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Swimming pools charges  

Targeted aquatic   events/activity programmes

Throughout the year the council may organise a number of targeted aquatic events/activity   programmes.

These programmes may involve an actual and reasonable participation fee that will   be determined in accordance with the nature of the event or activity.

The participation fee will be authorised by the relevant group manager acting under general delegated authority.

Learn to swim

$12 per lesson (depends on the number of weeks in   the term)

(1) Adult 16 years plus.

(2) Child 5-15 years.

(3) Adults accompanying an under 8 slide user do not pay the hydroslide fee.

(4) Spa and/or sauna only (i.e. no swim) is at applicable pool entry rate.

*Subject to discretion of pool management depending on availability.

** After 4pm Saturday and Sunday, after 7pm weekdays.

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Updated 30 June 2016