Access and Transport Charges

Access and transport charges including corridor access fees, paper road closures and vehicle crossing inspection fees.

How corridor access fees are determined

- Project works, major works, and minor works are as defined by the national code of practice for utility operators’ access to transport corridors (November 2011).

- The council may at its discretion allow for multiple sites to be included in a single CAR application with a single fee being charged. Applicants shall, if they consider there is a case to combine multiple sites, provide the council with the justification for a combined application fee.

- Possible examples where a single fee may be considered are as follows:

  • Repetitive works of a minor nature requiring minimal or no excavation works
  • Minor works on multiple sites (maximum of 4-5 minor streets)
  • Main contractor managing multiple works but located on a single site.

Corridor access fee

Corridor access request (CAR) fee (1) project works


Corridor access request (CAR) fee (1) major works


Corridor access request (CAR) fee (1) minor works


Roading engineer

$146 per hour

Clerk of works

$98 per hour

Paper road closure

Road stopping application fee


Hourly rate for additional work

$146 per hour

Vehicle crossing inspection fee

Traffic engineer/transport planner

Hourly rate for administration of crossing application, pre- and post-construction site inspections and sign off.

$146 per hour

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Updated 30 June 2016