Fees and Charges

CORRIDOR ACCESS REQUESTS: Before undertaking work in the legal road you must make a Corridor Access Request (CAR) - (formerly a Road Opening Notice - RON) and receive a Works Access Permit (WAP) from the Council.

Submit your application through the "Before U Dig" website to check for locations of any underground services. This is a web based service that you or your contractor use to get plans and information emailed out to you.
This also provides the mechanism for you to make a Corridor Access Request and provide us with a Traffic Management Plan to protect your site, contractors, and the public during operations.
There are other events or activities in the road that don't require a CAR and WAP but still require a Traffic Management Plan

Project works, major works, and minor works are as defined by the national code of practice for utility operators' access to transport corridors [November 2011].

 The council may, at its discretion, allow for multiple sites to be included in a single CAR application with a single fee being charged. Applicants shall, if they consider there is a case to combine multiple sites, provide the council with the justification for a combined application fee.

Possible examples where a single fee may be considered are as follows:

  • repetitive works of a minor nature requiring minimal or no excavation works;
  • minor works on multiple sites [maximum of 4-5 minor streets];
  • main contractor managing multiple works but located on a single site.

Corridor access fee

  Corridor access request (CAR) fee(1) project works


  Corridor access request (CAR) fee(1) major works


  Corridor access request (CAR) fee(1) minor works


  Roading engineer

  $146.00 per hour

  Clerk of works

  $98.00 per hour

Paper road closure

  Road stopping application fee


  Hourly rate for additional work

  $146.00 per hour

Vehicle crossing (driveway) inspection fee

Traffic engineer/transport planner hourly rate for administration of crossing application, pre- and post- construction site inspections and sign off.

  $146.00 per hour