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Chances for feedback coming up

Interested to know what's coming up next? In advance of formal consultation, there are often opportunities to share your ideas and feedback with us.

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Connecting KapitiConnecting Kāpiti 

Making the most of the opportunities the Expressway creates

Coming up soon and continuing conversations:

  • Renaming of current SH1 - Early in 2017 you’ll have an opportunity to give us your thoughts on names for seven sections of the current State Highway 1 that will be renamed once it becomes a local road. 
  • Making SH1 a local road – We’ll be talking to the community next year about our plans to make SH1 a local road.
  • Stride ‘n’ Ride - Shared walking and cycling paths on key commuter corridors are being developed.  We’ll continue conversations about the development of shared paths across the district as work progresses.
  • Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centres – We are continuing to work with the community to shape the 14-year transformation programme for our two largest town centres.  There will be further opportunities to provide feedback over the next few months.
  • Waikanae Beach community vision - We’ve been working through a highly collaborative process with the Waikanae Beach community, to articulate a shared vision.  Work is continuing with Te Āti Awa, as well as with local students and businesses. 
  • Transport strategy – There will be opportunities to have input into the refresh of our district’s transport strategy early next year..

Protecting KapitiProtecting Kāpiti 

Making Kāpiti safe and enjoyable for all, now and into the future

Coming up soon and continuing conversations:

  • Paekākāriki seawall - We’ve worked with community groups to develop a concept for the new seawall at Paekākāriki.  We’ll continue to involve residents, with an information day early in 2017 on the preliminary design for the seawall.
  • Emergency preparedness - Early in 2017 we’d like to have a community discussion about whether some kind of tsunami warning system would be a good option for our district.  This will draw on central government work looking at a national warning system.

Enjoying KapitiEnjoying Kāpiti

Establishing community and recreational facilities that help you make the most of living in Kāpiti

Coming up soon and continuing conversations:

  • Otaraua Park development plan - Early next year we’ll be seeking community input on development of our newest reserve.  An event at the park will give people a chance to get better acquainted with the park and its special features.
  • Mahara Gallery / Waikanae Library – We’ve been working with the Mahara Gallery on this redevelopment.  Over the next six months we’ll be talking to the local community about what they’d like to see in a combined gallery / library facility.
  • Ōtaki pool and SplashPad – With our contractor confirmed we’ll shortly be able to let you know timings and more details.  We’ll soon be seeking input on the type of equipment installed at the SplashPad next to the pool, which will be for free public use.

Shaping FutureKapitiShaping FutureKāpiti

Making priority choices across all our work, for the coming year – and the next 20 years

Coming up soon:

  • Annual plan – To ensure we manage our budget and ratepayers’ money responsibly, we work to clear priorities and detailed plans.  Next year’s annual plan is the third year of our current long term plan.  We’ll be inviting your feedback during April 2017.
  • Long term plan - Our long term planning occurs every three years.  We’ll be keen to hear your initial thoughts for our district mid next year.