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Services delivered across our district today

The vast majority of Council activities are necessary territorial authority functions.  Some areas, such as wastewater and stormwater, are almost entirely paid for by rates.  Others, such as regulatory services and solid waste, have significant contributions from direct fees and charges.

Access and transport

Enhance community connectedness by maintaining and improving our local roading network (approx. half funded by NZ Transport Agency) and shared pathways; integration of new Expressway into local network; advocating for better public transport through Greater Wellington Regional Council; working with community to improve road safety.

Water supply Maintain and strengthen our water network; ongoing implementation of water conservation initiatives
Stormwater Manage surface water run-off in urban areas while ensuring water quality and reducing health risks from flooding; ecological enhancement of streams and open drains
Wastewater Manage sewerage infrastructure to protect public health and the natural environment while planning for growth and improved environmental sustainability; monitoring of septic tanks where in use
Solid waste Provide effective waste management options and landfill management; encourage waste minimisation
Recreation and leisure  Provide safe aquatic facilities, programmes for health and wellbeing; districtwide library services; support for the arts and local museums
Community facilities and support  Maintain Council-owned properties including community halls, cemeteries, public toilets and social housing; work with the community on community-led development; provide advice on social factors, population-based services and environmental sustainability; focus to ensure Kapiti is all-age friendly and accessible
Parks and open space Manage parks, reserves, sportsgrounds and other open spaces; facilitate barrier-free access on cycleways, walkways and bridleways
Economic development  Support the growth of our district across all activities; manage projects that contribute to supporting economic development; support business and visitor attraction; support Maori economic development; provide leadership and build local employment opportunity
Regulatory services  Provide regulatory services such as building control, environmental health and animal management to ensure a safe and healthy environment; assess seismic performance of buildings
Coastal  Manage coastal environment to protect publicly owned assets; determine response to effects of increased sea levels / storm intensity
Districtwide planning  Ensure a district plan is in place to guide sustainable management of the district’s natural and physical resources; natural hazard management; protection of heritage sites
Governance and  tangata whenua Effectively manage the democratic framework; work in partnership with tangata whenua to embed Maori world values and aspirations into the sustainable management and development of our district; ensure a high degree of emergency preparedness including maintaining emergency operations centre

Find out more about the challenges we face in Kapiti and possible ways we could focus our activities in years to come.

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