Social media

This page contains information on our official social media channels, which are managed by our communications team.


We have a number of Facebook pages.

Kāpiti Coast District Council

Kāpiti Coast Libraries

Coastlands Aquatic Centre

Ōtaki Pool

Waikanae Pool

Sustainable Communities Kāpiti

Destination Kāpiti

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)

The purpose of our Facebook pages

We use our Facebook pages for:

  • sharing latest news and information
  • getting informal community feedback on our activities and services
  • building a community of people who care about the District.

If you're requesting a particular service, we might ask you to contact us via phone or email. This will help us to respond to your request effectively. If you need an immediate response, please call us on 0800 486 486.

We won't usually comment on political issues or get involved in debates.

If you have feedback for any of our elected members, you can contact them via our elected members page.


YouTube is a free video-sharing website that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. From time to time we'll upload videos to our YouTube channel about our activities, information and services.

We welcome your comments and encourage discussion. We ask that you're respectful with your comments and views. We reserve the right to remove comments which are disrespectful, rude, abusive, or considered spam.


We reserve the right to remove or moderate contributions and followers on our social media pages that break the rules or guidelines of the relevant communities and our rules stated below.

Messages and images on the council's social media pages must always be polite, appropriate and relevant.

Users of our social media pages must never:

  • swear
  • post messages or images that are unlawful, libellous, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented or racially offensive
  • post photos or videos of people without their prior consent
  • post protected content copied from elsewhere
  • post the same message, or very similar messages, more than once ('spamming')
  • publicise personal information or contact details
  • advertise products or services
  • impersonate someone else. 

Contact us

Kāpiti Coast District Council
175 Rimu Road
Private Bag 60601
Paraparaumu 5254

04 296 4700 
0800 486 486
Fax: 04 296 4830

Opening hours:

8am to 5pm - Monday to Friday

More on hours and service centres