Our District

Beach safety

We have 40kms of coastline here in Kāpiti and our beautiful beaches are highly popular with locals and visitors to the district.

While they're there for everyone to enjoy, it’s important we follow a few simple rules to keep everyone safe!

Vehicles on the beach

Two-wheeled or off-road motorbikes are banned from all beaches, but other vehicles are allowed to launch/retrieve boats or drive along the foreshore in designated areas and must get on/off beaches via vehicle (not pedestrian) accessways.

Maps (showing where you can access/drive on the beach) & other information such as speed limits.

Fires on the beach

Small campfires are allowed on permitted areas of the beach with a Fire and Emergency NZ. permit.
If you’re issued a permit, you still have to follow certain conditions. No fires are allowed if a district fire ban has been declared.

Fire permit application (including a list of permitted areas/ conditions) & more information.

Traffic in & around beach areas

Roads around beach areas can get busy with vehicles going in and out of parks or towing boats, along with more pedestrians. Reduce your speed when going through these areas and take extra care around pedestrian crossings and in carparks.

General information on road safety.

Dogs on the beach

Our furry four-legged friends love the beach – just make sure you know the on and off-leash areas, as well as the prohibited dog zones. If you’re in an off-leash area, always keep your dog under control and obviously take away any number twos your pooch may offload onto the beach!

Maps showing on/off leash areas/prohibited dog zones & other dog information.

Kāpiti Coast Beach Access Guide and Map