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GreenFrame : Open Space Strategy Review

 Open Space Strategy Review


Kāpiti Coast District Council is undertaking a review of the Open Space Strategy which sets out the Council’s role and responsibility for the development and management of our open space network over the next 20 – 50 years.  The current strategy was adopted in 2012 and is due for a review. 

What counts as an open space?

Open space includes all land that is available for public use - eg. parks and reserves, sports fields, playgrounds and trails. Public land not owned by Council, such as land owned by the Department of Conservation and Greater Wellington Regional Council is taken in to account when we consider the open space network in Kāpiti. The Cycleway, Walkway and Bridleway (CWB) Strategy is currently a separate document but the recreational trails will become part of this strategy. The commuter trails such as ‘Stride n Ride’ will be included in the Sustainable Transport Strategy which is also due for review.

How can I get involved?

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in shaping the Strategy. We're beginning now by asking people what they like about our open spaces and where there's room to improve. We are also information gathering through workshops with our iwi partners and key stakeholders plus a survey for the wider community. As well as this, Council staff and XYST, a consultancy firm we’ve brought on board to help write the strategy, are undertaking research such as ‘understanding the network’ and reviewing other Council policies and strategies. This first round of engagement will be completed by early April 2019 and an issues and opportunities paper will be developed.

If you would like to complete our short online survey about what you think about our Open Space network it can be found here (you have until Monday 1 April 2019 to complete it):


The next step will be writing an issues and opportunities paper that will eventually inform the draft strategy development. The issues and opportunities paper and subsequent draft strategy will be written based on background research including feedback from the workshops and survey.

The draft strategy will be consulted on in March 2020.

If you would like to look at the current Open Space and CWB strategies you can find them here.