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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria, scope of funding and evaluation and decision process

What kinds of organisations are eligible?

Organisations need to be set up for the fundamental purpose of providing community and social services*.  Your organisation needs to be local and to focus on providing social services in Kāpiti.  It can be affiliated with a national organisation. 

An organisation could provide services beyond Kāpiti, for example across Kāpiti/Horowhenua.  In this situation, Council would consider support for the services provided to people within Kāpiti.

An organisation leading an initiative would need to be a registered charity providing community/social services but could be working with others which are not.  Emerging organisations can be considered if they are working with a registered charity.

Generally, we would expect the registered charity to submit the expression of interest.  If your organisation is not registered, but you have identified an organisation that you could partner with which is, you could submit an expression of interest jointly.

*Community and social service organisations provide a diverse range of activities which aim to strengthen people's quality of life, welfare and happiness. These organisations provide meaningful, unique and mana-enhancing engagement which contributes to community wellbeing, success and positive outcomes with ultimate goal of flourishing whanau, hapū and iwi.  This includes addressing social inequity, helping people recover from hardship and regain control of their lives, building stronger communities, and promoting equality and opportunity.

What initiatives would not be eligible?

Council is open to the nature of an initiative as long as it contributes to the priorities.  To be eligible for consideration, a sports, recreational, arts, environmental, educational or employment project would need a strong social outcome and the primary purpose of the lead organisation would need to be provision of community/social services.

Note Funding for emergency transport and surf lifesaving services is not included in the social investment funding pool.  Council is separately considering how these services may be supported.


Scope of funding

Where is funding focused?

Because Council has limited funds, not all worthwhile initiatives will be able to be supported with funding.  As reflected in the social investment priorities and principles, Council will target funding to communities and places within the district where there is highest need and where there is opportunity for initiatives to be most effective and deliver greatest benefit. 

See the social outcomes related data for different communities within Kāpiti.

How much funding is available and how will it be allocated?

There is approximately $345,000 in the social investment fund available annually for the next three years. 

Council expects that about half the fund will be considered for initiatives that primarily contribute to the connected communities outcome; and quarter each for initiatives that primarily contribute to the safe communities and capable sector priorities.

Will all funds be allocated?

Council hopes to allocate all funds to contracts with organisations.  However, funds may be directed to work that contributes to the priorities in a different way if appropriate initiatives are not identified. 

How long is funding for?

The social investment process aligns with Council’s Long term plan so there will be a funding round every three years with funding for this one starting from 1 July 2018.   As part of this alignment and Council’s focus on supporting organisations to have a significant impact in the community, most projects funded will be for three years. Initiatives may be planned to run longer, however Council funding beyond three years would not be guaranteed.  Organisations would need to reapply.

Council is open to consider funding for a shorter period, such as a year for a feasibility study or to pilot an initiative or as seed funding.  However, if an initiative was funded for a portion of the three year timeframe, further funding for the initiative would not be available for another three years.

How much funding can be applied for?

Council is looking to fund projects that will have significant impact.  The number of initiatives funded will likely not exceed six to eight and it is likely projects funded will be between $30,000 and $80,000 per year over three years.   However, Council is open to consider different amounts depending on the initiative, the degree of need in the community and the potential positive impact.

Will initiatives be fully funded?

Generally, organisations will be expected to fund some of the cost of the project themselves or find other funding sources.  Council may consider funding the majority of the cost depending on the initiative.  If an expression of interest proceeds to a proposal, Council may be able to assist organisations to find additional funding.

What can funding be used for?

Council is flexible about what funding is used for.   Funding could be used for staff costs and could be considered for relevant capital items.  If an expression of interest proceeds to a proposal, Council would work with the organisation to determine the specific use of funds.


Evaluation and decisions

How will expressions of interest be evaluated?

The expressions of interest will be considered by an independent evaluation panel.

They will be assessed against the eligibility criteria and the three broad areas set out in the expression of interest form with weightings as shown:

  • How your idea contributes to the priorities – 60%
  • How your organisation is placed to deliver the idea – 20%
  • How your organisation and idea reflect the principles – 20%

The panel will have discretion to consider an idea or organisation that demonstrates potential.

All organisations who submit expressions of interest will be advised of the outcome by the end of March 2018 and given feedback.

How will funding be decided?

All final decisions will be made by elected members. 

An independent evaluation panel will recommend a short list of expressions of interest to Council in late March. 

Following Council decisions on the expressions of interest, organisations will be invited to develop proposals with council staff and draft contracts will be prepared.

Council will make final decisions and approve the contracts in June, to be in place from 1 July 2018.