Our District

In an emergency dial 111 for:

  • police
  • fire - including Rural Fire
  • ambulance

Ring this number if lives or property are at risk

Council emergency contact details:

04 296 4700 or 0800 486 486

Other emergency contact details:


Floods are a common hazard in Kāpiti. A flood becomes dangerous when:

  • the water's travelling very fast
  • the water's very deep
  • the flood water has risen very quickly
  • the floodwater contains debris, such as trees and sheets of corrugated iron.

Getting ready before a flood happens will help reduce damage to your home and business, and help you survive. 

When a flood threatens

  • Listen to your local radio station or visit our website.
  • Move out of the flooded area or go to the nearest high ground.

During a flood

  • Lift household items as high above the floor as possible.
  • Don't attempt to drive or walk through floodwaters.

During and after floods, we may pump out flooded properties and sections. Assessment of flood damage is carried out our operations team, on a case-by-case basis, to determine if a stormwater network contributed to the flooding so the necessary maintenance carried out. 

Cleaning up after a flood

Tips for clearing up and repairing flood-damaged houses.

Frequently asked questions

View the answers to frequently asked flooding questions here.

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