Our District

FutureKāpiti | Our vision

Our vision for Kāpiti is: a vibrant culture, diverse community and thriving economy.

This vision was shaped through extensive community consultation during 2015. The outcome was our 20-year plan, the FutureKapiti Long term plan 2015-35. More recently the FutureKapiti Annual plan 2016-17 has refreshed our work programme for the year ahead as we continue to work towards our goals.                     

The elements of our vision and approach outlined here are also available in an interactive format

As we developed our vision we identified issues people believed we should take into account in our planning for the future. The key issues were resilience, connectedness, growth and affordability.  Meeting these challenges was directly reflected in the outcomes we defined: a resilient community, wisely managed public money, community participation in democracy and strong partnerships. 

We then identified the ways in which the council as an organisation needed to operate to help achieve these outcomes. The areas we are focusing on are lifting council performance across the board, concentrating on our delivery of core services, and enhancing the way we interact with the community. We want this to embrace all our dealings – from the services our staff provide every day, to the formal consultation we undertake on important issues. These, along with our key initiatives and projects, will deliver on the outcomes we are striving for.

Our outcomes

These outcomes, and the elements underlying each, were recognised as significant in helping us to deliver on the vision for our district.

Thriving economy; vibrant culture; diverse community

  • Support the urban and rural business communities to grow and provide better employment opportunities for all
  • Ensure it is easy to deal with us by delivering advice and decisions in a respectful, timely and reliable way
  • Embed the partnership with tāngata whenua across our activities, including their cultural and spiritual values and aspirations
  • Support the unique character of the various geographic communities and communities of interest while encouraging greater district integration

Resilient community

Ensure our services, infrastructure and regulations:

  • protect and enhance public health and safety
  • maintain and improve community connections - physical, environmental, cultural and social
  • protect and improve the natural and built environments

Wise management of public funds

  • Ensure rates and costs of services and activities are reasonable and fair and affordability is taken into consideration
  • Keep costs as low as is compatible with achieving good quality in assets and services
  • Distribute costs and benefits equitably:
    • across the community
    • over the life of the service or asset

Democracy through community participation

  • Create easy opportunities throughout the council decision making process for the community to contribute
  • Make sure our engagement processes are fair and accessible, reflect diversity and are responsive

Strong partnerships

Work with iwi, business, residents, government agencies and a range of community groups to:

  • identify and support opportunities for improving the quality of life of Kāpiti residents
  • enhance the Kāpiti coast as a great place to live, work and play for all
  • influence central government, the regional council and other agencies on behalf of the Kāpiti coast
  • enhance understanding and opportunities to connect between the various communities