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Dream Catcher Co-op garden party

A warm sunny day and a line-up of interesting workshops bought people from across the district to the Dream Catcher Co-op Garden party. 

Co-op members shared their knowledge and expertise, beginning with Steve Portious and Berylla Jones running a weed foraging workshop where participants learnt about what’s edible and what’s not in the wildernes.  On a walk through Windsor Orchard we sampled weeds with medicinal and culinary properties such as chickweed, wild carrot, yarrow, fennel, cleavers, dandelion and plantain, while also learning about similar looking but poisonous counterparts like spurge, hemlock, deadly night shade.

A shared pot luck lunch was enjoyed by all, followed by a food swapping session and a knife and tool sharpening workshop with Simcha Delft.  Later in the afternoon everyone pitched in to finish the first of the co-op's community garden beds built by Jeremiah from recycled posts. This entailed laying sticks and logs to retain moisture at the bottom of the bed which were then filling with soil. ‘Bio char’, (a powder made from burnt polar wood), crushed egg shells and roc dust were added to supply the soil with carbon, micro-organisms and other minerals. This marked the beginning of the group’s community garden, which in time could contribute to the co-op’s  food supply.  To top off the day’s activities it was then time to relax in the sun with music and a sampling of  homebrew.

Above: medicinal Chickweed. Below: poisonous Spurge (or milkweed).

Having recently signed up to the Greener Neighbourhood programme, the garden party was the co-op's first step to explore how they can further support local food production, share resources and building their community. We look forward to what comes next!