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Māoriland Hub Garden Party

Taiao Tuesday provided an inspiring mix of korero and kai, in-between admiring the newly established Māoriland Community Garden - which was only installed around Christmastime, but is already producing salads, basil and tomatoes (mostly for seed), with plenty of flowers for the bees and butterflies, and other crops like cucumbers, corn and gourds (hue) still to come. Because it’s been built atop a carpark, raised beds were essential, and gardener Moko Morris talked about how she lined the beds with plastic and two-thirds filled them with prunings, manure and wood chip before topping up with organic soil mix. She talked about Hua Parakore, the organic certification based on Māori Tikanga (the first of its kind in the world) and how concepts like mauri (life force) and whakapapa (heritage or traceability) co-relate with organic practices. Curious locals and garden enthusiasts as well as students from local kura Te Rito made pesto from the garden, then watched the short film Āina, looking at indigenous Hawaiian gardening practices - the importance of clean land and water as wealth - and the impact that testing of GE crops and agrochemicals have had on the Islanders.

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