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A hot tip for keeping your home cool

It’s always great when you can learn a tip off a colleague that you can pass on to your clients.

Last week Nelson Lebo Eco Design Advisor from Palmerston North hit the news with a cooling system for hot nights. Turn the fan around, point it out the window to blow the hot air out and open a window on the shady side of the house to draw the cool air in.

“It really is the best, low-cost, highly effective technique to keep a home cool, but it is virtually unknown in New Zealand,” Lebo said. He said people should set up the fan as soon as the outdoor temperature dropped lower than that in the house.

While it is true that air movement gave the illusion of cooling the skin, the fan was not cooling the air or drawing cool air into the house if used that way.

In a variation of fan theme, Lebo said sceptics could carry out a simple experiment. After sunset, close the windows, except for one in the bedroom, and turn on the bathroom extractor fan. “You will get the best night’s sleep ever.”

Hot air out, cool air in.

Open windows could mean inviting flying insects in, but screens can be inexpensive and easy to install.

Security concerns could be overcome with safety catches.

However, cross ventilation could be achieved in any room that had two windows.

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