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Crying windows, a crying shame.

It’s a sad fact that many New Zealand homes are cold and damp. These conditions contribute significantly to health problems such as asthma and respiratory illness which have a disproportionate impact on children and older adults.

It’s important to open your windows and doors wide for 15-20 minutes during the warmer times of the day to flush ventilate your home. Traditionally we have used trickle ventilation where the windows remain slightly open all day cooling the whole home and the occupants.

In a home, excess indoor moisture shows itself as condensation on glazing, aluminium window frames and cold walls and ceiling surfaces. By using an absorbent cloth, a scoopy (see picture) or a window vacuum you can remove the moisture on your windows.

By using your vented range hood when cooking, your vented bathroom extractor when bathing or showering and drying your clothes outside in the sun or in a vented clothes dryer you will reduce the amount of moisture in your home considerably.

It’s amazing how many windows and curtains have mould growing on them.  To reduce mould, spray white vinegar on to surfaces and leave for 5 minutes to kill the mould. Wash off the residue with hot soapy water. Sadly though, if you do not change the environment the mould has grown in it will grow again.

A dryer home is cheaper to heat and a more healthy environment for you and your family.