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The summer garden is in full production. Fruiting vegetables, like pregnant women, need good nutrition and water. But in the rest of the garden, it’s not the time for new plantings - wait until autumn when the cooler, damper weather helps them establish roots. Read more


As we enter the season of abundance (zucchini and beans, anyone?) it becomes clear just how greatly plants need water, and how gratefully they respond to it. It’s the difference between a luxuriant lemon tree and a sad, twiggy one. Read more.


One great thing about gardening is how you always get a second chance. Mistakes can be ripped out, piled up in a heap, and recycled into rich compost, food for your next attempts. If your garden is looking a little seedy, beat the late summer blues with a big clean out... Read more.


The seasons have turned: It’s well and truly autumn and, with or without rain, cooler nights mean more soil moisture. The ground is still warm, however, making April the best month to re-sow lawns. It’s also the start of the planting season for trees and shrubs...  Read more.


It’s Planting Season! From now until June is a great window of planting opportunity. Warm, moist soil means new plants can establish roots over winter, and be ready for droughts next summer. Read more.


Gimme Shelter: As we’re hunting out woolly slippers and draught-proofing windows, it’s time also to think about shelter in the garden. Just as the most effective winter clothing involves layering - merinos, scarf, waterproofing – the best shelter in gardens is also built up in several layers. Read more.


Matariki is the start of the year, time for new beginnings. Our instinct can be to hide indoors, but it’s a great time for soil building. Manure, leaves, seaweed from winter storms, dead plants, grass clippings  – pile them up to rot down over winter, ready for planting in spring. Read more.


Late winter is all about preparation: getting seeds ready, building up soil and making plans so you can hit the ground running next month. Read more.


In September, even non-gardeners feel the call of the backyard - the trick is to find the sunny hours between spring showers. Next month is all about the veggies but September's time to pay some attention to the rest of the garden. Read more.


Now that spring’s fully sprung and evenings are longer there’s plenty to do outdoors. Planting, weeding (keep one step ahead by getting them before they seed) and of course covering the soil with mulch (save yourself some watering).... Read more


In November, even non-gardeners feel a stirring urge to get outside. Evenings are longer, mornings lighter, and with growth at its fastest between now and the December solstice, everything looks fresh and lush. Things are at their freshest, juiciest green...  Read more



Enjoy the garden! Long evenings and early dawns are made for being outside. A few minutes of planting or watering make great stress relief over the silly season.  It’s still peak growing season, through until midsummer solstice on December 22.  Read more



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