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Deep pipes


Deep pipe irrigation: Ideal for trees – this is how MOA community orchard in Jeep Rd Domain, Raumati South, established fruit trees on windblown, kikuyu-clad sand dunes. A length of plastic pipe was buried upright next to each tree; water poured into the top gets down to the subsoil to encourage deep roots.

David Bainbridge in Gardening with Less Water recommends 40-60cm lengths of 5cm-diameter pipe for hand-watering (thinner pipe could be used for drip irrigation systems.) He drills holes 5cm apart down the length of the pipe and covers the top with a piece of screen or shade cloth; MOA filled their pipes with pebbles instead.

Large hollow bamboo can also be used.

For more about the benefits of planting with deep pipe irrigation, see this case study of the MenzShed, Waikanae