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What is greywater?

Any washwater that has been used in the home, except water from toilets, is called grey water. Dish, shower, sink, and laundry water comprise 50-80% of residential "waste" water. This may be reused for other purposes, especially landscape irrigation.

Most systems in New Zealand avoid water from the kitchen sink, mostly using bath, shower, bathroom sink and laundry water.

Recycling your greywater is a very smart solution.  If you are growing fruit or have a lot of new plantings you will need regular irrigation over the summer. 

When you recycle your own water you are reaching the lofty heights of sustainable living!  Every time you have a shower, you’re also watering the fruit trees. If a greywater system is beyond your budget there are cheaper ways to recycle bath and washing machine water.  We have great local providers in Kāpiti for both these options.  If you are fit, bucketing your water by hand is a good option.  Believe me, after a summer of it you will be inspired to save up for a greywater system!

To find out more about building your own greywater system read here.

Copies of Art Ludwig's Create an Oasis with Greywater are available at Kāpiti's public libraries.