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Growing Food


Saffron bulbs enjoy well drained soil

FRUIT TREES So many different types of fruit grow well in Kāpiti's climate. Choose those most appropriate to our climate: experienced growers recommend their favourite varieties for local conditions: Read more

PRUNING: Summer or Winter pruning? Pruning fruit trees can be daunting but there's no need to be afraid of making the cut: Read more

HERBS: Even the smallest garden, and the least experienced gardener, can grow a few herbs for flavouring, for tea and basic first aid. Many aromatic Mediterranean herbs grow well in hot, dry conditions and do well in pots - in fact the tougher they grow, the more concentrated are the oils in their leaves. Read more

WILD GREENS Growing food takes a lot of care and effort, right? Well, yes it does, but not always. Some of the most useful and productive plants in my garden can look after, water - and even plant - themselves. Read more.

TOMATO CARE:  Everyone's favourite summer vegetable can be high-maintenance so learn some tips for top crops: Read more

SPREEN: Magenta Spreen or tree spinach is a superfood and incredibly easy to grow: Read more

ASPARAGUS: A natural seaside plant, it's well suited to Kāpiti's climate and soils: Read more

BROAD BEANS AND BRASSICAS: Stars of the winter garden: Read more

GARLIC: Rust never sleeps: Read more