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Tomato care

Because they come from a very dry climate, tomatoes struggle with wet leaves and are prone to fungal blight. Every year I think I’ve planted them far enough apart to create airflow between plants, then every year they somehow grow together in a big leafy mass….


Tomato care:

  • Choose a dry, windy or sunny day when blight spores won’t be active and wounds can seal over quickly.
  • Pinch out baby laterals (the shoots that grow where a leaf joins the stem) – this prevents plants becoming a bushy tangle.
  • Cherry tomatoes don’t need delateraling, and naturally have a more sprawling habit. Plant them at least 1m apart.
  • Tie in any new shoots to your stake or frame.
  • Cut away any blighted leaves, as well as yellowing lower leaves, and don’t compost these.
  • Sterilise your secateurs after this job (e.g. with meths or cider vinegar)
  • Always water the roots, not the leaves (unless you have some liquid feed in your watering can)
  • Move tomatoes around each year - blight spores will remain in the soil.


 Early stages of late blight on tomato leaves.  Pull it out!!!


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