Our District

Gabes Gold Nuggets

Gabriel Street, Goldsborough Ave and Nugget Grove, Raumati Beach

Group footprint July 2016: 1.41 earths

Gabes Gold Nuggets comprises residents from Gabriel St, Goldsbourgh Ave and Nugget Grove in Raumati Beach. Thanks to the digital expertise and unbounding enthusiasm of Mark Hammond, the group have an active blog and public facebook page where you can follow their progress. They have even developed a set of core values. After much discussion this was distilled down (then neatly graphically designed) to be: Environment, Innovation, Community, Sustainability


The group has begun to develop a view towards the wider community. Last week group members volunteered as waste angels at the Kāpiti food truck events, and are organising a Beach Cleanup for Keep NZ Beautiful week. A long term plan is to create a ‘Walking School Bus’ for the local school. Peer pressure seems to work, with the group developing their own “Plastic Free August” challenge, with a particular emphasis on the plastic free lunchbox. Sharing resources is taking off;  at the end of last year the group set up a swap stand on the street share excess produce, with the benefits being obvious and appealing. The idea has caught on and led to plans for a community beehive, sharing of materials to make eco cleaners, bulk purchases of wood shavings for chicken coops and sharing kombucha scoby.