Our District

Greenown +

Renown, Glen and Dale Roads, Raumati South

Group footprint July 2016: 1.51 earths

Greenown + is comprised of over 18 households from Renown Road and neighbouring Glen Road, Dell Road and Poplar Ave.

With such a large group, some structure felt necessary for members, so after copious cups of tea in Kelli’s living room, ‘Greenown +’ nailed down three main areas as their focus: To develop their gardens, become a predator free area through rat trapping and establish a community beehive.

As group blogger Rachel Callihan says:

RATS! It turns out these fluffy little terrorists are making many Greenown+ residents’ lives a misery…chewing through dishwashers, DESTROYING CARS… and worst of all…stopping many of us from composting.   We hope by launching an assault on these critters, not only will we be strengthening the anti-rat campaigns already in place in Kāpiti, but we’ll be on our way to reclaiming our poor neglected compost bins.

Which leads onto our next issue to tackle…our GARDENS. We are hugely lucky to have Rebecca on our team, who came out and answered all of our gardening questions, and led an amazing soil preparation workshop.  And big thanks to Amanda for offering up her ‘exotic weeds’ for us to trample on.

A huge amount of information sharing went on that day, and I for one have already been motivated back into my garden. It can be a daunting thing indeed, staring at a wall of weeds, years old, but we will tackle each other’s gardens as a team…with the lure of barbecues and shared kai. Many hands, light work, and lots of yummy food…perfect.

And perhaps the most exciting of all is a community BEEHIVE we’re planning. A number of Greenown+ers attended the No8 Wire workshop on Beekeeping, and we are all buzzing with excitement to get our hands sticky with this one. (Sorry).