Our District

Waikanae Be Green


Rutherford Drive, Waikanae Beach

Group footprint July 2016: 1.65 earths

Waikanae Be Green was established on Rutherford Drive, Waikanae Beach after the street got together for a Neighbours Day “Over The Fence Cuppa”. The group comprises ten households, with others who join in when they can.  The group meet regularly with a facebook group and Waikanae Be Green website set up to share ideas, events and information. This group have enthusiastically embraced the No8 Wire Week and Green Gardener workshops. The flow on effect is now evident with residents getting set up to get chickens, sharing mulch, making their own seaweed fertilisers and natural weed killers, germinating and growing seeds from scratch and holding seedling swaps, not to mention making limoncello and kombucha. There is an increasing interest in recycling and sharing ideas. Monique's family pledged to give up single use plastic bags at the supermarket as well as writing to the supermarket asking the to consider alternatives to plastic bags. They have also sussed out the drop off points for recycling of toothbrushes (Waikanae Kindergarten) and batteries (Paraparaumu library).  Waikanae Be Green’s website is going strong recording what they have been up to on a blog as well as developing resource pages for adults and children.


  • Reduce waste (with waste reduction grant)
  • Create a neighbourhood emergency plan
  • Have regular working bees
  • Create drop-off bins for used batteries and oral hygiene products (plastic toothbrushes, floss dispensers and toothpaste containers)
  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Carpool and/or use public transport as much as possible
  • Influence/encourage change in our professional/school environments