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What is Greener Neighbourhoods?

This year we are piloting a new Greener Neighbourhoods grant programme. Practical support and funding of up to $1000 is available to kick-start community led initiatives and projects that reduce environmental impacts and build resilience.

Groups who have environmental concerns are invited to register for the Greener Neighbourhoods programme in February and March. This year the first four groups to apply who meet the criteria will be accepted.


  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Build community
  • Increase resilience



We have developed outcomes that directly tackle the largest areas of carbon emission and environmental impacts measured by the New Zealand Eco Footprint calculator. We are looking to support Greener Neighbourhood projects that related to the following:

  • Protecting the local environment
  • Fostering biodiversity
  • Reducing waste
  • Local food
  • Sharing resources and skills
  • Adopting sustainable transport options
  • Building resilience



Groups need to live within the same area of Kāpiti (for example a township such as Waikanae Beach) and comprise of five or more households. Members might be connected through being part of the same neighbourhood or have a whānau or interest base connection You don’t need to a lot of prior knowledge about environmental issues - education, resources and guidance is available to help develop your interest. At the same time, groups with an existing environmental kaupapa can take up this opportunity to develop a new project or idea.



Groups have access to education opportunities, resources and activities offered within the Sustainable Communities programme. Funding of up to $1000 is available as well as support to shape, coordinate, administer and publicise your community led projects.




  • food co-ops
  • local growers directory
  • community gardens
  • garden bees
  • vege gardens
  • keeping chickens
  • avoiding food waste
  • preserving and fermenting
  • seasonal surplus
  • seed sharing



  • bike libraries
  • e-bikes
  • walking school buses
  • carless day promotion
  • car-pooling
  • bike sharing
  • bike skills


  • rat trapping
  • bee hives
  • native plant propagation
  • weed control



  • stream care groups
  • beach clean ups
  • make-your-own cleaners
  • grey water systems



  • tool & resource sharing
  • toy libraries
  • swap stands 


  • composting
  • plastic reduction
  • plasticalternatives
  • repair cafes
  • repurposing
  • zero waste workshops
  • worm farms
  • garage sales
  • e-waste projects



  • pot-lucks, community meals and get-togethers
  • Civil Defence evenings 
  • Healthy home initiatives


 Education, resources and activities:


Support to coordinate, administer and publicise:

  • Poster and flyer design and printing
  • On To It Newsletter features
  • Sustainable Communities Kāpiti facebook page



  • Greener Neighbourhoods grant (up to $1000)
  • Waste minimisation fund
  • Other funding


Eligibility Details

To receive funding groups must have a dedicated group bank account and will be required to submit a project porposal at the start and then on completion an accountability report detailing how money was spent and the project outcomes.

Projects must be underway within twelve months of receiving funding, groups are asked to present their work by way of a launch or group celebration at the beginning or completion of the project, a small budget is available to support this.

In future the application process may involve a deadline date and if the grant is oversubscribed (applications exceed the number of spaces available) then the applications will be assessed and selected by a panel of representatives from Council’s Green Team and the Programme Design and Delivery team.

This grant is for new projects, priority is given to initiatives that have not previously received funding from Council.

For more information and application details: Please email  Vanessa.Crowe@kapiticoat.govt.nz



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