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Easy Choice to feed Kiwi families for $60

Easy Choice – Family Kai, a new initiative supported by Kāpiti Coast District Council is aiming to feed families for $60.

Produced by Love Food Hate Waste, Easy Choice - Family Kai is a seasonal meal planner and recipe book which consists of four weeks of five dinner meal plans that will feed a family of six for approximately $60 a week.

Easy Choice employs many different strategies to help keep the cost of food low while ensuring that each meal is healthy and balanced - from making sure that no food goes to waste to utilising frozen vegetables and using the leftovers from one meal to make another.

With Kiwi families throwing away three shopping trolleys of food a year, meal planning can make a real difference to how much money you are spending and what you are eating. Easy Choice makes it easy for a family to follow a meal plan as all the hard work of planning, creating recipes and making sure the ingredients fit into the $60 budget has already been done by Love Food Hate Waste.

Each week’s ingredients should cost approximately $60, although this may vary based on produce prices, the supermarket you shop at and weekly specials.

The winter edition of Easy Choice is the second of four seasonal meal planners to be released, following the launch of the autumn edition in April. The spring booklet will follow in October with the summer plan being released in January.

Click here to download the Winter Easy Choice – Family Kai meal planner and recipe book.

For more information contact Councils Waste Minimisation and Services Officer; 04 2964765