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Repair Café: Expressions of Interest

Are you handy at fixing things?

Would you like to approach the festive season and Christmas gift giving in a way thats kinder of the planet and your pocket?

Take part in the Repair Cafe!

In mid Nov - mid Dec we are encouraging pop-up Repair Cafe's in Kāpiti. If you'd like to see one happen in your area, are keen to help organise one, or have skills to share, please fill our the form below and register your interest!

"Repair Cafés are free pop up events where people bring broken and damaged belongings and local volunteer experts sit down with them and do their best to repair them. They are all about bringing people together, connecting local people in their communities with others who are happy to share their skills and knowledge, saving people money and reducing the amount of material that ends up in our landfills."

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How Do Repair Cafe's work?

A Repair Cafe often happens in the weekend at a local community hall or public space where people can drop in with things that they'd like to get fixed.  Some things are more tricky that others to repair. Electrical devices require a qualified electrician who can certify their work. Here are some other approaches to repair that work really well:

- Sewing Repairs

- Tool Sharpening

- IT/device repair


Please fill our the form below to find out more.

I'd like to run a Repair Cafe

I'm keen to be involved in any that are happening

I'm keen to talk to someone about how it all works

I'd like to volunteer to help with repairs


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