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Don't be a quitter, dispose of your litter!

Students from Paraparaumu College’s environmental group are taking action to deter people from littering in some well-frequented areas of Kāpiti. The group designed an anti-littering sign with a bit of advice from Council’s waste minimisation officer and installed two of them in Otaihanga domain and one at Waikanae estuary in May.

The group had been doing regular litter clean-ups in the area, and felt something more needed to be done. During their last clean-up in March, the students collected an astonishing 16 rubbish bags worth of litter, while another clean-up in June last year turned up 10 bags worth.

“The idea was to put up some eye-catching signs in a place where many people would see them. The footbridge in the Otaihanga domain is used by many college students on their way to and from school, and also by lots of other people. Seeing the signs will hopefully remind people that littering causes harm to the environment, and that it’s not hard to do the right thing,” says Maha Fier, leader of the College’s environmental group SEAR (Societal, Environmental, Animal Rights).

Additional signs will go up at the College, alongside further education on the harmful effects of litter on the environment. The group are planning a repeat clean-up in a few of months to see if the signs have had a positive effect. Great effort!!

SEAR clean-up in March 2017