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Otaki College Students race to the top in regional EVolocity Competition

By Hannelore Wagner-Nicholls

It was an awesome day with a really good atmosphere when two teams of Ōtaki College students raced the electric vehicles that they'd built from scratch in the regional EVolocity Competition. Their challenge was to design, build and then race an electric vehicle against other schools. Students were supplied with a standard electric motor and batteries to be used in the design. Over the past months a junior and senior team of students and Chris Georgetti, Curriculum Leader Mathematics at the College, developed single-seater EV racers of two and three wheels to enter the the Wellington Regional Evolocity Electric Vehicle Challenge. Ōtaki did spectacularly well, winning almost every performance based event and qualifying for the December National Races in Christchurch: fastest speed in 50m drag races, shortest stopping distance, street circuit race winner and economy race (multiple laps, driver changes and energy used as per supplied energy meter).

Such a challenge uses many of the practical and academic skills taught in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Students learn to meet deadlines and manage a project, make models, test and trial ideas, manage safety when developing a vehicle and develop skills and passion in the engineering and technology areas.

Energise Ōtaki was instrumental in bringing the EVolocity challenge as part of the Curious Minds Project to Ōtaki College. This is another project to make Ōtaki a more sustainable and supportive community, and thanks goes to the support of Collings and Gray (Ōtaki Collision Repairs) for a superb paint job, and South End Cycles for their advice and parts.

Roll on the Nationals in Christchurch – Ōtaki College is ready!