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Sharing creative ways to Love Food and Hate Waste

Kiwi households throw out about 79kgs of food each year, which is the equivalent in weight to eight sacks of potatoes. As a nation, we throw out enough food every year to feed the whole of Dunedin for two years! There are two main reasons why we throw away food: we don’t eat our leftovers and some food goes bad because it is not stored properly. The foods we waste the most are bread, leftovers, potatoes, apples, chicken and bananas. However, the good news is it’s easy to make small but effective changes to reduce the amount of food that you waste!

The national Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to help you make those changes by providing tips, recipes and lots of info around getting the most out of your food. The campaign launched in June, and Kāpiti Coast District Council is one of 59 councils around the country running it. So what have we been up to so far?

In June, we asked you to share your food saving tips with us on the Sustainable Communities Kāpiti facebook page. It wasn’t easy to pick the winners out of the many useful and creative responses! Here are a couple of our favourites:

“Tops and tails of vegies from prepping meals can be collected and frozen and used for stock - skin on onion tops and bottoms, broccoli stalk and leaves, green bits of leeks etc. And leave the bottom inch of both leeks and spring onions - plant them out and watch them grow again.” – Elise Hoverd

“Always make a menu and write down all the ingredients you will need and only buy those ingredients at the supermarket. It can help shopping fortnightly so you really use up what you have in the cupboard. I also try and eat from the fridge, that way you are using food that is likely to expire first. Include a leftovers meal in your meal plan.”  – Kate Foley

Stale bread roles being pimped for bread and tomato salad.

In July, we took a closer look at bread, New Zealand’s number one most wasted food. Together, Kiwis throw out 20 million loaves a year! Storing sliced bread in the fridge or freezer helps to keep it fresh longer, and there are plenty of ways to turn dry bread, crusts and ends into gourmet treats, as participants of our ‘Pimp your bread’ cooking class discovered. Chef Ricky Dennes of Long Beach Tavern (Waikanae Beach) ran the class, making delicious bread aioli, bread and tomato salad, and a crunchy breadcrumb topping for soups, salads and pasta. Yum! Find the bread aioli recipe here, and also check out Love Food Hate Waste’s recipes to use up bread.

Finally, Kāpiti College’s Eco Action Group and Council invited residents to a free screening of award-winning documentary ‘Just Eat It’ at Kāpiti College, which explores the issue of food waste from farm to fork. The film follows Canadian couple Jen and Grant as they quit grocery shopping cold turkey and survive only on food that would otherwise be thrown away. The screening was followed by an engaged discussion, and some banana smoothie making on our fabulous bicycle blender. Thanks to Common Sense Organics for donating some overripe bananas to the cause.

Chad is ready to power up the bike blender - the fun way to use up those overripe bananas!

What’s next? We’ll be going on tour with the Love Food Hate Waste message at events throughout the district, starting with the Food Truck Rally on 23 August at Coastlands. Keep an eye out for us! We’re also looking for community groups and people to help us spread the message, so if you’ve got an idea for a Love Food Hate Waste project or event in Kāpiti, please get in touch with Katharina at waste@kapiticoast.govt.nz. Funding for food waste reduction projects may be available through our contestable Waste Reduction Grants.


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