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Waste Reduction Grants now open!

Our annual Waste Reduction Grants are now open! There are two different types of grants:

  • Waste Reduction Grants for Community Projects
  • Waste Reduction Grants for New Technologies and Seed Funding

The Community Projects category is open to community groups, businesses, Iwi/Maori organisations, educational institutions, neighbourhood groups of at least five households, and other community-based organisations. The purpose of the grants is to support practical on-the-ground waste minimisation projects which encourage community participation and education and/or are of benefit to the community of Kāpiti.

Jared Parker and Sharon McIver of consultancy “Our Daily Waste” with the new bin hoods.

Amongst last years’ successful applicants were students from Paraparaumu College, who set up customised recycling bins on campus; Steam Incorporated, who built a recycling unit for their steam train’s buffet car, as well as compost and worm bins at their depot; consultancy Organic Wealth, who are running a food waste project at Ōtaki College; and seven households from Paekākāriki who got together to build compost bins (to name but a few).

“After receiving the Waste Levy Grant from the Kāpiti Coast District Council, students from Paraparaumu College have been working with a waste consultancy to gain the best possible outcome for our recycling initiative and to reduce our waste. Since we set up the recycling stations we have seen a reasonable reduction in waste and proper use of the recycling bins. We hope to continually add more recycling stations to our college as it becomes more successful.”, says  Jared Parker from Paraparaumu College.

The New Technologies and Seed Funding category is open to businesses, organisations and individuals. The fund seeks to encourage the establishment of waste minimisation businesses on the Kāpiti Coast and create opportunities for waste minimisation and economic development through innovative processes and technologies.

The Biobagga Ltd. biosolids composting trial at the Otaihanga landfill.

Grants in this category were last awarded in 2014, when two groups received funding for biosolids composting trials. Biosolids are the result of the waste water treatment process (e.g. dried sewage sludge), which are currently landfilled in many parts of New Zealand. A grant-funded trial at the Otaihanga landfill used the Biobagga Ltd. System, where biosolids are mixed with greenwaste/woodchips and composted inside large plastic tubes. The second trial in Ōtaki uses worms and plaster boards to compost the biosolids. Both trials are ongoing, with first results expected later this year.

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