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Grants Allocation Committee Meetings

Meetings are held in Council Chambers, Ground Floor, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu.

The subcommittee meet in accordance with the meeting cycles associated with each of the granting programmes:

  • Creative Communities
  • Community Grants
  • Districtwide Hall Hire Remissions
  • Heritage Fund
  • Waste Levy Fund
  • Clean Technology Innovation Fund

Membership 2013-2016

Chair: Cr Janet Holborow

Deputy Chair: Vacant

Members: Cr Murray Bell and two of the grant programmes (Creative Communities and Community Grants scheme) include community and iwi representatives.

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2014 Meeting Dates



Supporting PDFs 

4 February (Heritage Fund) View View View
20 March  (Waste Levy) View View View
3 April  (Districtwide Hall Hire Remissions) View View View
3 April  (Creative Communities NZ) View View View
12 June  (Clean Technology Innovation Fund) Cancelled N/A N/A
26 August (Districtwide Hall Hire Remissions) View View View
18 September (Community Grants) View View View
25 September (Creative Communities NZ) View View View
14 October  (Districtwide Hall Hire Remissions) View View View
30 October (Clean Technology Innovation Fund) Cancelled N/A N/A
20 November (Waste Levy) View View View

Supporting PDFs - 4 February 2014



Supporting PDFs - 20 March 2014



Supporting PDFs - 3 April 2014 - DWHHR



Supporting PDFs - 3 April - CCNZ



Supporting PDFs - 26 August 2014



Supporting PDFs - 18 September 2014



Supporting PDFs - 25 September 2014



Supporting PDFs - 14 October 2014



Supporting PDFs - 20 November 2014