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Environment and Community Development Committee

Meetings are held on a Thursday in Council Chambers, Ground Floor, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu.

The Environment and Community Development Committee oversees the development and monitoring of Council policies associated with promoting the social, economic, environmental and cultural interests of the district.

Membership 2013-2016

Chair: Cr Penny Gaylor

Deputy Chair: Cr Janet Holborow

Members: Remainder of Council as a Whole and one Māori representative 

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2016 Meeting Dates



Supporting PDFs

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14 April View View View
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21 July View View View
22 September View View View

Supporting PDFs - 4 February 2016

SP-16-1810 Events Development - Funding for existing and new events to May 2016.pdf

SP-16-1810 Appendix 1-4.pdf

SP-16-1788 Kapiti Economic Development Strategy Visitor Attraction Plan.pdf

SP-16-1788 Appendix 2.pdf

SP-16-1805 Community Financial Support Review Community Contracts.pdf

SP-16-1805 Appendix.pdf

Draft ECD Minutes 3 Decemb er 2015.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 14 April 2016

CS-16-1838 Cycleway Walkway Bridleway Advisory Group - Revised Terms of Reference.pdf

CS-16-1850 Review of Lease Recommendation for Land at 11 Ngaio Road Waikanae North End Brewing.pdf

WREMO Quarterly Report - 1 October - 31 December 2015 with note.pdf

Draft ECD Minutes 4 February 2016.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 26 May 2016

CS-16-1873 Rates Remission for Conservation Purposes.pdf

SP-16-1843 i-Site Service Delivery.pdf

CS-16-1857 Lease to Occupy Council Administered Land at Mazengarb Reserve - Paraparaumu - Kapiti Gymnastics Club.pdf

CS-16-1904 Lease to Occupy Council administered Land at Waikanae Park - Waikanae Pony Club.pdf

ECD Draft Minutes 14 April 2016.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 16 June 2016

CS-16-1859 Lease to Occupy Council Administered Land at Tasman Road Reserve - Otaki - Byrons Resort.pdf

CS-16-1877 Lease to Occupy Council Administered Land at Reikorangi Domain - Gold Coast Western Riding Club.pdf

Draft ECD Minutes 26 May 2016.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 21 July 2016

SP-16-1939 Community Contracts Report.pdf

SP-16-1932 Economic Development Leadership Group - New Governance Structure.pdf

ECD Draft Minutes 16 June 2016.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 22 September 2016

SP-16-2006 Kapiti Major Events Fund 2016.pdf

SP-16-2007 Community Contracts Report.pdf

SP-16-2001 Youth Development Centre Update.pdf

Draft ECD Minutes 21 July 2016.pdf