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Waikanae Community Board Meetings

Community Board meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at the Waikanae Community Centre, 30 Utauta Street, Waikanae, and start at 7.30pm.

Membership 2013-2016

  • Eric Gregory
  • Jocelyn Prvanov
  • James Westbury
  • Jill Lloyd
  • Cr Michael Scott

The Waikanae Community Board administers a Discretionary Grants Fund and Promotion Fund.

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas, which include officer reports, and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2016 Meeting Dates



Supporting PDFs

9 February View View View
22 March View View View
3 May View View View
21 June View View View
2 August CANCELLED    
13 September View View View
4 October - Extraordinary View View View

 Supporting PDFs - 9 February 2016

Corp-16-1787 Consideration of Applications for Funding.pdf

Corp-16-1815 Renaming of State Highway 1 - Preliminary Consideration of Process.pdf

Corp-16-1815 Appendix.pdf

Corp-16-1818 New Policy on Declaration of Members' Interests.pdf

IS_16-1804 Relocation of Bus Stop on Field Way Waikanae.pdf

IS-16-1804 Appendix.pdf

WCB Draft Minutes 1 December 2015.pdf

Matters Under Action February 2016.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 22 March 2016

IS-16-1786 Parata Street Give Way Controls.pdf

IS-16-1786 Appendix.pdf

Freshwater Reform 2016.pdf

WCB Draft Minutes 9 February 2016.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 3 May 2016

Corp-16-1870 Consideration of Applications for Funding.pdf

Corp-16-1835 Road Naming - Bishop Snedden Village Extension.pdf

Corp-16-1854 Elected Member Remuneration 1 July 2016-2017 Additional Roles for Payment.pdf

Corp-16-1889 Consideration of Funding for the Welcome to Waikanae Sign Competition.pdf

Draft WCB Minutes 22 March 2016.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf

Matters Under Action NZTA.pdf 

Supporting PDFs - 21 June 2016

Corp-16-1914 Consideration of Applications for Funding.pdf

Corp-16-1927 Strategic Plan Year Three Update.pdf

Corp-16-1927 Appendix.pdf

IS-16-1925 Waikanae Town Centre Car Parking.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf

Matters Under Action Expressway Updates.pdf

WCB Draft Minutes 3 May 2016.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 13 September 2016

Corp-16-2000 Consideration of Applications for Funding.pdf

IS-16-1949 Prohibition of Parking Around Peka Peka Road and Kensington Drive Intersection.pdf

Corp-16-1947 Road Naming - New Local Roads Close to Smithfield and Nga Manu Area.pdf

IS-16-2003 Waikanae Disabled Parking Spaces.pdf

Corp-16-1995 Proposed Changes to the Criteria for the Promotion and Discretionary Grant Funds.pdf

Draft WCB Minutes 21 June 2016.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 4 October 2016 - EXTRAORDINARY

Corp-16-2016 Consideration of Application for Funding.pdf