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Operations and Finance Committee

Meetings are held on a Thursday in Council Chambers, Ground Floor, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu and start at 10.00am.

Membership 2016-2019

Chair: Cr Michael Scott

Deputy Chair: Cr Angela Buswell

Members: Remainder of Council as a whole and one Māori representative.

This Committee will deal with monitoring and decision-making on all broader financial management matters. Key responsibilities will include: 

  • Financial management, including risk mitigation
  • Approval of non-budgeted expenditure
  • Approval of contracts and contract variations outside the Chief Executive’s delegations
  • Write-offs and remissions
  • Financial policies
  • All regulatory and planning matters from an operational perspective
  • Property purchases or sales
  • Operational aspects of bylaws
  • Civil defence and emergency management matters
  • Procedural matters relation to electoral processes not otherwise delegated to the Chief Executive
  • Signing off any submission to an external agency or body

The Chair of the Committee, in consultation with the Group Manager Regulatory Services will have the responsibility for the appointment of (RMA-related) hearing panels.

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas, which include officer reports, and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2017 Meeting dates Agenda Minutes



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Supporting PDFs - 23 February 2017

SP-17-115 Activity Report - 1 October to 31 December 2016.pdf

Corp-17-084-Financial Report as at 31 December 2016.pdf

Corp-17-122 Local Government Funding Agency Half Yearly Report to 31 December 2016.pdf

CS-17-098-Te Atiawa Park Courts Lighting.pdf

Corp-17-094-Contracts Under Delegated Authority.pdf

Draft Minutes 1 December 2016.pdf

Public Excluded Minutes - 1 December 2016.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 11 May 2017

SP-17-189-Activity Report 1 January to 31 March 2017 and appendix.pdf

Corp-17-181-Financial Report to 31 March 2017.pdf

CS-17-179-Rates Remission for Conservation Purposes.pdf

Corp-17-182-Contracts Under Delegated Authority.pdf

Draft Minutes 23 February 2017.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 6 July 2017

IS-17-214 Waikanae Emergency Rail Crossing and appendix.pdf

RS-17-186-Aircraft Noise Community Liaison Group - Chairperson's Annual Report for Year Ended 2016 and appendix.pdf

Corp-17-161-Local Government Funding Agency Final 2017-18 Statement of Intent and appendix.pdf

Draft Minutes Operations and Finance Committee 11 May 2017.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 17 August 2017

SP-17-285 Resident Opinion Survey 2016-17 - Overview and appendices.pdf

SP-17-273-Activity Report- 1 April to 30 June 2017 and appendices.pdf

Corp-17-269-Capital Expenditure Programme 2017-2018.pdf

Corp-17-262-Financial Report to 30 June 2017.pdf

RS-17-208 Annual report on dog control policy and practices 2016-17 and appendices.pdf

RS-17-206 Financial report on income and costs related to alcohol licensing and the operation of the DLC.pdf

RS-17-207-Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority Annual Report - July 2016 to June 2017 and updated appendices.pdf

Corp-17-261-Contracts Under Delegated Authority.pdf

Draft Ops and Finance Minutes 6 July 2017.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 21 September 2017

Corp-17-304-Treasury Management Annual Review.pdf

Corp-17-305-Treasury Management Policy Update and appendix.pdf

Corp-17-316-Local Government Funding Agency 2016-17 Annual Report and appendix.pdf

Draft Ops and Finance Minutes - 17 August 2017.pdf

Supporting PDFs - 16 November 2017

SP-17-356 Activity Report - 1 July to 30 September 2017 and appendix.pdf

Corp-17-346-Financial Report to 30 September 2017.pdf

Corp-17-363--Emergency awareness and preparedness education and communications.pdf

RS-17-361-IANZ Accreditation 2017.pdf

IS-17-364 Waterfall Road Slip and appendix.pdf

Corp-17-345-Contracts Under Delegated Authority.pdf

Draft Ops and Finance Minutes 21 September 2017.pdf