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Paekākāriki Community Board meetings

Community Board meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at St Peters Hall, Beach Road, Paekākāriki, and start at 7.00 pm.

Membership 2016-2019

  • Philip Edwards - Chair
  • Steve Eckett - Deputy Chair
  • Holly Ewens
  • Paul Hughes
  • Cr Janet Holborow

The Paekākāriki Community Board administers the Paekākāriki Discretionary Grant and the Campe Estate Community Fund.

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas, which include officer reports, and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2018 Meeting Dates Agenda Minutes Supporting PDFs
 27 February View View View
 17 April View View View
 29 May View View View
 17 July View View View
 21 August View View View
 2 October View View View
 13 November View View View

Supporting PDFs - 27 February 2018

RS-18-382-Consideration of Funding Applications.pdf

DRAFT Minutes Paekākāriki Community Board 12 December 2017.pdf

PCB Matters Under Action 27 February 2018.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 17 April 2018

RS-18-467-Consideration of Funding Applications.pdf

IS-18-466-Ames Street Parking Restrictions.pdf

DRAFT Minutes Paekākāriki Community Board 27 February 2018.pdf

PCB Matters Under Action 17 April 2018_.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 29 May 2018

IS-18-466-Ames Street Parking Restrictions and appendix.pdf

RS-18-506-Consideration of Funding Applications.pdf

RS-18-507-Consideration for Grants from Campe Estate.pdf

Draft Minutes Paekakariki Community Board - 17 April 2018.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 17 July 2018

RS-18-553-Consideration of Funding Applications.pdf

Draft Minutes Paekakariki Community Board - 29 May 2018.pdf

Matters Under Action - 17 July 2018.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 21 August 2018

RS-18-585-Consideration of Funding Applications.pdf

Draft Minutes Paekakariki Community Board 17 July 2018.pdf

Matters Under Action.pdf