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Strategy and Policy Committee

Meetings are held on a Thursday in Council Chambers, Ground Floor, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu and start at 10.00am.

Members 2016-2019

Chair: Cr James Cootes

Deputy Chair: Cr John Howson

Members: Remainder of Council as a whole and one Māori representative.

This Committee will deal with all strategy and policy decision-making that is not the responsibility of the Council.  Key responsibilities will include:

  • Setting and approving the policy and strategy work programme
  • Overviewing strategic programmes
  • Liaison and planning with other territorial authorities
  • Development and/or review of strategies, plans, policies and bylaws
  • Preparation of District Plan and Plan Changes
  • Oversight of any shared services initiatives
  • Signing off any submission to an external agency or body
  • Economic development strategy
  • Reviewing and approving community contracts
  • Receive annual reports from any community or advisory group

Agendas and meeting minutes

Meeting agendas, which include officer reports, and the minutes for each meeting are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

2018 Meeting dates Agenda Minutes



15 February - CANCELLED - - -
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3 May View View View
14 June View View View
26 July View View View
6 September View View View
18 October View View View
29 November View View View

Supporting PDFs - 22 March 2018

SP-18-436-Appeals lodged on Proposed District Plan (PDP).pdf

SP-18-447-Freedom Camping in Kāpiti.pdf

SP-18-455-Submission to NZTA on Ō2NL corridor options.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 3 May 2018

SP-18-492-Submission to the Ministry of Transport on the Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018.pdf

Corp-18-484-Remit from Greater Wellington Regional Council to the Local Government New Zealand AGM 2018.pdf

DRAFT SPC Minutes 22 March 2018.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 14 June 2018

RS-18-517-Review of the 2008 Dog Control Bylaw and 2009 Dog Control Policy and appendices.pdf

Corp-18-501-Strategy and Policy Committee Forward Agenda Programme.pdf

Draft Strategy and Policy minutes 3 May 2018.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 26 July 2018

CS-18-513 Managing Council owned buildings that are earthquale prone.pdf

Draft Strategy and Policy Minutes - 14 June 2018.pdf


 Supporting PDFs - 6 September 2018

SP-18-594-Review of the Control of Alcohol in Public Places Bylaw 2013.pdf

SP-18-593-Draft submision to Ministry for the Environment on the draft first set of National Planning Standards and appendices.pdf

SP-18-543-Proposal for a Wellington regional approach to a community led coastal adaptation work programme and appendices.pdf

SP-18-592-Update on the National Policy Statement on urban development capacity - reduced.pdf

SP-18-601-Review of the Trade Waste Bylaw and appendix.pdf

IS-18-581 Solid Waste Update.pdf

Draft Strategy and Policy Minutes - 26 July 2018.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 18 October 2018

SP-18-617- Review of the Draft Class 4 Gambling Policy 2011 and TAB Board Venue Gambling Policy 2011 and appendices.pdf

SP-18-627-Submission to MBIE on the reform of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.pdf

Corp-18-636-Strategy and Policy Committee forward agenda programme updated.pdf

Draft Strategy and Policy Committee minutes 6 September 2018.pdf


Supporting PDFs - 29 November 2018

IS-18-685-Review of the Trade Waste Bylaw and appendices.pdf

Draft Strategy and Policy Committee Minutes - 18 October 2018.pdf