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Public Art Panel

The Public Art Panel was created as a result of the Council's adoption of the Public Art Policy (2013).

The Panel is appointed by the Council to oversee the public art programme, assisting the Council to implement the Public Art Policy. It develops its own annual work programme, and makes recommendations to the Council's Strategy and Policy Committee . All final public art decisions are made by the Council.

The Panel is made up of experts from a range of fields and consists of:

  • Janet Bayly, representative of Mahara Gallery
  • Deb Donnelly, independent arts professional
  • Councillor Janet Holborow, Kāpiti Coast District Council (Chair)
  • Tracey Morgan, arts professional nominated by Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti
  • Amanda Waijers, independent arts professional

Membership is voluntary. There is no remuneration to members for their time or attendance at meetings.

The Panel sets its own meeting schedule and is required to meet at least every six months.

Meetings are not public. However, any recommendations they make go to public meetings of the Council's Strategy and Policy Committee.

The Panel's work is performed in accordance with its Terms of Reference, the Public Art Policy, and the Council's Strategy for Supporting the Arts.