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Joint Working Party

A Working Party comprising elected representatives from Kāpiti Coast District Council, Wellington/Porirua City Councils and the Greater Wellington Regional Council looked at possible options for local government reform in the region. This followed significant changes to the Local Government Act.

Membership of the Working Party did not commit council members to any actions or imply support for any option.

Kāpiti participation was guided by a number of principles. They included: retaining meaningful local democracy and access to decision-making; the legacy of debts and assets must be fairly managed; any change must be for the better; early and meaningful provision for involvement of Maori in decision-making; the integration and consolidation of policies; and the retention of village identities in Kāpiti.

The Working Party discussions centered around two possibilities – a single tier unitary council which may or may not have community boards; and a two tier unitary council with local boards. The latter proposition requires a minimum population of 400,000.

A unitary council has both regional and local council functions.

Joint Working Party Report Local Government - 8 March 2013

This document is in PDF format and available for download or print from the link below: